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Mr Peter Hura

Peter Hura is Head of logistics department at First Egg Bank.

Smart, multitasking, sociable, Peter is experienced IVF courier and logistics specialist. He is in charge of worldwide cryoshipments (frozen donor eggs, sperm, embryos) for intended parents or on demand for private fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies. His responsibilities are: complex delivery organisation; arranging issues between clinic representatives, where cells are stored, Air Security and Custom clearance.
He has performed more than 100 cryoshipments during only a year. The list of countries where deliveries were performed includes the UK, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Israel, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and the USA. All patients have a guarantee that their order will be safelydelivered to the destination point.

During the webinar you will learn about:
Methods of cells cryoshipping
How safe is the shipping process?
Advantages of onboard personal supervision of the container
Documents, required for cells (frozen donor eggs, sperm, embryos) transportation from clinic to clinic.
Geography of shipments

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